10 Field Agents Describe Their Perfect Christmas Day

The perfect Christmas day probably looks different to everyone, so we asked a few Agents to tell us what their perfect Christmas day looks like.

10 Field Agents Describe Their Perfect Christmas Day:

  1. My perfect Christmas is spending time with my family. We always get together, open gifts, have a wonderful dinner, and then play games at the kitchen table. Lately, we’ve also been going to Christmas Eve service at my church, which is always a nice treat and brings everyone closer. I now have a combined family due to marriage and will get to enjoy two Christmas celebrations.”

2. “My perfect Christmas day would be waking up at the crack of dawn to see the excitement on my kids’ faces when they see the presents Santa left them. Then watching the kids open the gifts and having a breakfast casserole. Then going to my parents’ house for a big Christmas lunch with my whole family.”

3. “My perfect Christmas starts on Christmas eve. It will start with candlelight service. At the end, “Silent Night” is sung by candlelight. Then I would head to my mom’s house with my son & exchange a few gifts. Then home, and exchange gifts with my son and dogs. Christmas day would be a hot breakfast. It will follow with some lounging with my dogs before dinner. Dinner would be with all seven of my siblings & all of my nieces & nephews at the multi-purpose room we rent because we have such a huge family.”

4. “Christmas Day is perfect when spending the whole day with family. Opening presents in the morning by the tree and having a pancake breakfast afterward. Dinner is spent with close relatives at their homes and playing board games late into the night.”

5. “An early morning with my kids opening their stockings, breakfast together, and a lazy day playing outside with my kids and some downtime with my husband.”

6. “Waking up to leftover Chinese food after being up late the night before at my sister’s house after decorating the Christmas tree! Then preparing a HUGE meal for the family! We actually own a Christmas tree lot so we do everything on the 24th…”

7. “My perfect Christmas Day would be waking up with the kids and opening gifts with them followed by brunch at home. We would then relax and watch Christmas movies all day followed by a quiet dinner at home. I’d make a roast and potatoes and maybe a salad and dessert. A quiet Christmas at home with my husband and kids is the perfect Christmas to me.”

8. “My perfect Christmas Day is waking up to a bunch of presents under the tree, decorations everywhere and delicious smells of candles and festive food. Then spending the day with my husband together watching movies and driving around to see Christmas lights.”

9. “For me, a perfect Christmas day is getting to spend it with family and watch the eyes of my grandchildren as they see the beauty of Christmas morning and then they get to learn about the spirit of Christmas and the gift we were given with the birth of Jesus. We don’t get be together that often so the more the merrier.”

10. “My family is my wife and three children. We stay home and enjoy the day with presents in the morning, a late breakfast, watching football and eating our dinner around 6. Then, after dinner, we watch a family movie. My wife observes “Boxing Day’ so we do it all again on the 26th.”


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