18 Notable Slogans From Your Favorite Retailers


Have you ever run into someone at your neighborhood grocery store and been asked the question, “hey, how are you?” and instead of answering like a regular person, you say something like, “just saving money and living better?” If so, you may suffer from retailer slogan disorder. It’s something that is completely made up, but totally in our brains at all times.

So, in case you’re wondering what your favorite retail store’s most notable/recent slogan is, you’ve come to the right place.

18 Notable Slogans From Your Favorite Retailers:

  1. Albertson’s: Good thing are just around the corner.
  2. Big Lots: Brand names. Closeout prices.
  3. Costco: Simplifying home and life.
  4. Dillard’s: The style of your life.
  5. Dollar General: Save time, save money, everyday.
  6. Family Dollar: My family. My Family Dollar.
  7. Kohl’s: Expect great things.
  8. Kroger: Right store, right price.
  9. Macy’s: Way to shop!
  10. Nordstrom: Reinvent yourself.
  11. PetSmart: Where pets are family.
  12. Publix: Affording the essentials is essential.
  13. Rite Aid: With us, it’s personal.
  14. Safeway: Ingredients for life.
  15. Target: Expect more. Pay less.
  16. Walmart: Save money. Live better.
  17. Winn-Dixie: Getting better all the time.
  18. Whole Foods Market: Whole Foods, whole people, whole planet.


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