4 TV Shows Field Agents Really Miss

The phrase, “all good things must come to an end” was definitely said before TV was a thing and long before the word reboot ever entered anybody’s lexicon. Unfortunately, not every great television show ever made is in syndication nor available for streaming. Which always has us asking the question, “remember that show…” Recently, we asked a few Field Agents (through a casual Instagram poll) which television shows they missed the most and a few of the answers were surprising. (Note: we didn’t ask about every single show ever.)

“House” vs. “ER”
Shockingly, “House” took this one home over “ER” which ran for 15 seasons on NBC.

“Family Ties” vs. “Who’s The Boss?”
This category proved to be the tightest race with “Who’s The Boss?” collecting 58-percent of the vote. A little bit interesting considering you’re basically voting for a young Michael J. Fox or Tony Danza as television’s first manny.

“Saved By The Bell” vs. “California Dreams”
Maybe this one wasn’t all that fair, but I thought “California Dreams” might have some sleeper fans out there. That theme still pops into my head once a week.

“Alf” vs. “Small Wonder”
A family’s lovable alien or a family’s robotic daughter? No, this isn’t a weird Facebook hoax, it’s television in the ’80s! Loveable aliens for the win on this one.

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