5 Common Lifestyle Choices That Are Total Wastes Of Money

These days, personal finance goals and paying down-debt are commonplace conversations but are the plans that work for your friends right for you too? Tasha, with the Financial Diet has broken down five lifestyle choices that are wasting your money.

5 Common Lifestyle Choices That Are Total Wastes Of Money:

1. Not having a 1-year budget plan.
Budgeting for an entire year gives you a holistic view of your financial situation.

2. Paying off low-interest debt before you’ve hit your minimum savings rate.
Understand how much your debt is costing you– you could actually save more money while paying down your debt if you do it correctly.

3. Living in a high cost of living area.
Your job opportunities don’t have to determine the area you live in.

4. Not cooking more meals at home.
Guess what? Eating out is super expensive.

5. Too many status symbol purchases.
Don’t sacrifice your financial goals for high-end purchases over and over again.

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