5 Super Helpful Apps for Budgeting

You know it, you love it, you think about it all the time– your budget. While an Excel spreadsheet and a scratch sheet of paper is a perfectly fine way to figure where your money is going and where it could go, there are also a few more exciting ways to keep track of your money. We hunted down a few apps that do some of the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is pick up your phone.

5 Super Helpful Apps for Budgeting:

1. Mint
Mint is free and allows you to sync multiple accounts. Plus, you can make multiple budgets.

2. You Need a Budget
Yes, that’s the name of the App. It’ll run you $6.99 per month, which you’ll need to budget for. It’s also great for those trying to pay off debt.

3. Mvelopes
If you aren’t familiar with the envelope budgeting system, this isn’t the app for you. It’s $39.99 per year and is available on desktop too.

4. PocketGuard
There is a free version of PocketGuard or $34.99 per year. PocketGuard is unique in that it offers up spending limits versus a traditional budget. Of course, spending limits help you create a budget too.

5. Honeyfi
Honeyfi is free and was built for couples. But, singles can get in on it, too. Honeyfi creates a budget for you based on past spending, which will put things into perspective pretty quickly.



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