5 Super Retro Looking Yet High-Tech Items

If you’re in the business of nostalgia or just like the way old things look, you’re in luck. Old looking (you could say: vintage) things are all the rage these days and most of them come with Wifi.

5 Super Retro Looking Yet High-Tech Items:

1. Wireless Typewriter Inspired Keyboard
A bit pricey, but very cool.


2. Retro Flip Down Clock
If you love old train station flip boards, you’ll love this.


3. Instant Camera
You’ll look like Mathew Brady but in 2019.


4. Boombox
This boombox has Bluetooth and all kinds of bells of whistles.

5. Cassette Tape USB Drive
USB drives are almost obsolete, but cassette tapes are making a comeback, so it’s a win-win.

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