50 Top Brands Found Inside Women’s Purses

If you’ve ever spent more than a few minutes of your day looking for something at the bottom of a seemingly endless purse, you aren’t alone. Most people who carry a purse are carrying around a number of items in their bag. But, have you ever wondered about the contents of those other bags making their way around the world or are you the only one hoarding a non-travel size box of Kleenex?

Field Agent recently asked 1,000 women what brands and items they most commonly carry in their handbags and the results were interesting. The survey was asking specifically for name brand, packaged goods and let’s just say– these handbags are really carrying their weight.

From Field Agent: According to the inventory, the majority of women (61%) carry between 1-5 name brand, packaged goods in their purses, while another 30% carry 6-10. Only a meager 6% found more than 10 CPG brands in their bag. Notably, we did not include store brands in the inventory. 

As you’re about to see, a wide range of products were frequently mentioned by women, from chewing gum to cosmetics, feminine hygiene to writing utensils.

Below are the Top 50 CPG brands women carry in their purses:

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