7 ‘As Seen on TV’ Products You Might Need

You know you’ve been flipping through the channels and stopped for several minutes on a commercial before. Well, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting ‘as seen on TV’ products for you to shop right now.

7 ‘As Seen on TV’ Products You Might Need:

1. Sock Slider
All you do is put your sock on the cradle and le the sock slider do the work.


2. Foot Cleaner
Cleans and massages?! We’re in.

3. Lint Lizard
With three different suction settings, the lint in your laundry room stands no chance.


4. Light Toilet
The only way to wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom.



6. Seat Gap Filler
Say goodbye to french fries falling through the cracks in your seats! Cleaning your car just got so easy.


7. Spicy Shelf
Anything with the word “deluxe” in its name is sure to make your pantry perfect.

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