7 Fairly Entertaining and Funny Situations That Have Happened to Field Agents While Out in the Field

Anytime you’re at a store or out and about in public, something interesting is bound to happen. Especially if you’re trying to be discreet or undercover and on the job. Of course, this is true for Field Agents when they’re on the job. We recently asked a few Agents to share some of their most memorable experiences with us and there are definitely some things to laugh about in these incidents!

7 Fairly Entertaining and Funny Situations That Have Happened to Field Agents While Out in the Field:

1. “I’ve had someone offer to pay for my item when my card declined. I told them that it was okay and that I know I had money on my card and it was just a glitch and I needed a receipt for a buy and try item. The machine declined my card two more times while they stood there watching and I was so embarrassed that it clicked in my head that I was putting the wrong pin number in!”

2. “While completing an audit I noticed the products weren’t organized. I organized the products in order to complete the audit correctly. An employee thanked me for organizing the products.”

3. “Oftentimes people think I work for the establishment while doing a Field Agent gig. One time, a woman asked me a question regarding some merchandise and I replied, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know.’ This woman went wild on me immediately yelling about how I should know this stuff and why can’t anyone help her? She was super embarrassed when I informed her I didn’t work there.”

4. “One time, I was asked to count how many bottles of something were in a cooler. I had to move all the flavors out of the way to correctly count. When I put them back, the stock boy and I cracked up about me restocking them exactly as I found them. He said I should apply because it looked better after I was done.”

5. “One time, when I was in Walmart I was doing a customer service audit during Halloween. I went in fully dressed in a Halloween costume, ran into my husband and he didn’t even know it was me! How’s that for cover?”

6. “While I was doing a panel measurement job an associate in hardware kept watching and trying to help me. He kept asking me questions I couldn’t answer and I would get confused on what I had already measured and would have to start over again. Eventually, I was like, ‘if you keep talking to me, I’m never going to get this done.’ We laughed and I got the job done.”

7.  “The weirdest thing to happen to me was while I was doing the index card audit. The cards were messed up,  so I’m sitting on the floor flipping through these stacks of cards and customers and employees kept walking past me. They would stare, then ask each other ‘what is she doing?… I don’t know but she seems to know… let’s just leave her there.'”

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