7 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas Straight From Field Agents

Stockings– are they just for decoration or are they another avenue to deliver heartfelt goodies on Christmas day? For most, they serve as a great way to spread little nuggets of holiday cheer after digging into wrapped presents under the tree. But, what are the ideal items for stockings? We asked our Agents for a few ideas.

7 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas Straight From Field Agents:

1. “I think the candy cane full of m&m’s is always a hit and the storybook of Lifesavers. I can find them at Walmart or Walgreens. I will put these items in all 4 of my kids’ stockings, and yes, I would like it in my own stocking if I were a kid.”

2. “The best stocking stuffer to me is a $50 Walmart gift card so that the recipients can buy whatever they want. Best stocking stuffers can also be gloves, winter hats, lotions, seasonal fragrances shampoos. You can find them at Walmart stores.”

3. “Every year we get miniature puzzles in our stockings. Whether it’s a jigsaw or a mind puzzle they’re always fun and making the stocking opening take longer. Great little gifts that only cost a few dollars but bring joy on Christmas morning.”

4. “I have a household of boys! I usually go to the Dollar Store and buy things like earphones, duct tape, and candy. Just fun little things but they are also useful.”

5. “Our family loves to put lottery scratch tickets in stockings. Every age loves them and the anticipation of winning. You can buy them at grocery stores and convenience stores. I would like to find them in my stocking along with a little box holding a pretty diamond ring.”

6. “The best stocking stuffers that I see my family enjoys the most is having their favorite snack in their stocking, especially favorites that have a holiday twist, such as Holiday Cracker Jack mix. Also, a special Christmas card with an encouraging or inspirational note designed specifically for each person with a stocking. Feeling warm and fuzzy already.”

7. “Watches, wallets and chocolate are the best stocking stuffers. These items can be found everywhere and should be given to people age 4 and up. My fiancé and daughter will get these items in their stocking this year. I wouldn’t mind getting these items in my stocking this year.”

3 thoughts on “7 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas Straight From Field Agents”

  1. The best stocking stuffer Santa has ever given me was a coloring book and crayons, which to my surprise, had 1 dollar bills hidden in between every few pages. Once I found the first one, I was so excited flipping through the pages to find more. It was a very inexpensive yet memorable idea that I’ve done for my kids when they were young as well. 😀

  2. Don’t forget the new toothbrush! We always got those every year. Fun things for adults are $5 gift cards to local fast food restaurants and coffee shops, special mints or gum, mini liquor bottles and mini packets or bottles of mixers to go with them, fun socks, pretty hair pins or scrunchies, special little sponges or clothes that are made to clean cars or computers/cell phones, mini special edition fancy nail polishes, lip glosses/balms, blister block tubes (sold by band-aids, they’re litte tubes of balm you rub on toes/heel backs/areas where shoes rub, to prevent it!). Ok, I could go on- I love stockings full of little cool things,

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