7 Helpful Things Field Agents Learned About Money From Their Parents

We recently asked our Field Agents what financial principles they are trying to instill into their children, which led us to ask, “ what is one thing you learned from your parents about money?” Turns out, we learned a lot about money from our Agents’ parents too. 

7 Helpful Things Field Agents Learned About Money From Their Parents:

1. “My parents taught us the importance of tithing to our local church. It’s a religious value that is super important to us. No matter how much or how little we always give our first to God.”

2. “My dad taught me to not buy the lowest-priced thing on the shelf immediately. Take time to do the calculations to get the best amount of the product for the adjusted price. Most store brands are just as good as the national, but sometimes the overall value drops a bit, so it’s a good idea to keep track of the products you like and don’t. Also if it’s something you want to keep awhile, like shoes, it’s good to shell out a bit more for higher quality. Usually, the cheap shoes wear out so much faster than the better-made ones are less expensive in the long run.”

3. “My parents sacrificed a lot of us three children to have a vacation every year and go to catholic schools and not have debt when we graduated college. My parents really taught me about sacrifice and a hard work ethic. If I wanted to do something, I had to work to do it. It’s something I’m passing on to my children as well.”

4. “I learned not to spend money on wasteful things or things that won’t last. It’s best to save and buy quality products.”

5. “I learned to be cautious with money. They taught me that money comes and goes, and to prepare for the times when it’s a bit short by having savings and a plan in place. Most importantly, they taught me to work hard for my money and to do it with pride.”

6. “I learned how not to spend money on anything and everything you want. Just because you want something, doesn’t mean you need it. You have responsibilities that come first, with time and saving your money then you can get it.”

7. “My parents taught me to save my money and not to spend it on frivolous things. They taught me to invest and opened a savings account for me when I was a young child. They also taught me to tithe 10-percent of my money to our church so that is one thing that I always do no matter what financial situation I am in.”

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  1. My grandfather taught me to always have a $20 bill hidden in my wallet. Back then that was equivalent to about a $100 bill today. This was for emergencies only Incase I was out somewhere and had to have cash for an unplanned situation.

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