7 Tips for New Field Agents from Current Field Agents

You finally took the plunge and downloaded one of gig-economy apps you’ve been reading about, but how does it all work? How often should you check the app? Will you actually get paid? We asked some of our top Field Agents to share some everyday advice for new Field Agent App users and we think you’ll their answers helpful and encouraging. 

7 Tips for New Field Agents from Current Field Agents:

  1. My tip would be for the new agents to check in with the app as frequently as possible to have the most opportunities to reserve the best jobs.
  2. Read instructions slowly and carefully. And take really good pictures with the location on.
  3. Have patience, the jobs will come.
  4. Be vigilant. Visit often. Have fun.
  5. Read all the instructions of a job before accepting it and be thorough in completing it. Take the jobs seriously as they have a huge impact on products and services.
  6. Utilize your FA app wherever you go, such as vacations, to maximize earnings. There are typically jobs available when you travel to other towns and states!
  7. Read the directions thoroughly and use the option at the end of each job and put their feedback. It is read and used to make Field Agent better for everyone.

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