7 Ways to Go Undercover for Field Agent Jobs, According to Field Agents

For the most part, completing a job as a Field Agent is pretty easy (if you read the instructions carefully and all of that), but every now and then a job might require a little extra effort. When jobs like this arise we like to go to our Agents for advice for our other Agents. In this case, we asked Agents how they get into character before entering a store to do a job. We got some great answers that could you on your way to becoming a top Agent at Field Agent!

7 Ways to Go Undercover for Field Agent Jobs, According to Field Agents:

1. I live in a very small town and it seems like everybody knows everybody. When I have a shop that I have to do at Walmart I have a wig that I wear and I usually have on sunglasses or at least some type of reading glasses. I actually try not to accept jobs that are in the town that I live in.

2. I act like a normal shopper with my phone in hand along with my coupons, pen, and small tablet to cross my items off on my lists. Just act like an extreme couponer and they won’t even look twice at you.

3. I try to dress in a non-flashy way try not to stand out and blend in with the crowd. If I’m going to a higher-end store, I will dress to fit the situation. A lot of times I pretend to be scrolling through looking at something on my phone when I need to take the picture. If I am approached, I play it off that me and my friends are playing a scavenger hunt type of game.

4.  I usually have to get out of my quiet normal personality and be outgoing which is difficult but rewarding. I probably look suspicious trying to see names on badges.

5. I always try and think about which departments I would typically need help in, and visit those sections first. My goal is to help Walmart see where a staff member is a great asset. That said, I’ll go to lawn & garden, fabrics, electronics, and the customer service desk first, before approaching any other employees. I think it’s best to have a question ready to ask so you can let them get back to work.

6. I get into character by having a shopping list and pen in my hand, so that I look like an ordinary shopper. I try not to bring too much attention to myself so that the associates in the store don’t suspect I’m doing an audit. I think the best advice I have for completing a CSA is to act naturally.

7. I try to act like I didn’t make a list for my shopping trip and am just browsing. Don’t give yourself a time limit–  take your time and spend it discovering new products!

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