Best Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Sure, you, like a lot of people feel like you’ve been inside for 6 months straight. Same. And as the temperatures get colder and colder– it’s time to settle back in to the sweats. But, what about your ol’ pupper? You can exercise them indoors! Who knew?

1. Stairs
2. Teaching them the trick– sit to lie down
3. Let dogs and/or cats play together
4. Interactive toys
5. Long elastic leash

Okay, maybe nothing groundbreaking here, but it could keep you entertained for a few minutes!

One thought on “Best Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors”

  1. I have 2 Boston Terriers, it is so important while they are in the house, to keep them occupied and interested in a task. Just like humans, they too will get bored and loose interest. They can be very high maintenance. But what a blessing they are.

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