Can You Make Doritos Into a Fancy Meal?

Doritos– a fancy tortilla chip, right? Sure, kind of. They can definitely be fancy until you start licking your fingers after eating multiple in a row.

So, do you think this chef can make this road trip favorite into a fancy meal?

3 thoughts on “Can You Make Doritos Into a Fancy Meal?”

  1. I’m literally shoving Doritos into my mouth as I watch this and thinking to myself, “Yeah, I’m never going to make this” and just keep shoving Doritos in my mouth. 🤣

  2. I love doritos as an appetizer. You take a dorito you spread a thin layer of refried beans pile on shredded cheese of your choice and top with a thin slice of jalapeno pepper. Throw them in the oven at 350 until cheese is melted and they’re hot probably about 5 minutes is keep an eye on it. They are delicious.

  3. Actually, I absolutely can and do I take either type of Doritos and break them up a little on bake pan, then I sprinkle either person’s choice chicken, steak, burger, etc on the chips. Next I would have a whole tomato chopped up and sprinkle it all over the top of chips and meat, as well as any other type produce or foods want to use to make it more interesting. For me I layer Doritos (the purple bag believe that’s the spicy chili) and layer that with hamburger that’s already cooked (in frying pan works best). Then I add toppings, like I love tomatoes and bannana peppers as well as Cheese. I like using the Mexican shredded cheese (I always buy huge bag when I’m out at grocery store) and I put in the oven for like 5 mins at 350 degrees. Adding salt and pepper.
    To chill the hotness a little I’ll make a ranch dip or just plain old sour cream in the middle to dip your chips in. For me, this one of my absolute FAVORITE, EASY meals to make, even easier to clean up which is always a good thing lol!! Sometimes switch it up with Doritos chips on flavor or if I don’t want a lot of flavor, I’ll have plain corn chips half Doritos. But this is one of the many concoctions I enjoy making and definitely eating, usually not a crumb left on my plate !!

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