Did You Know? National Donut Day Edition!

Donut get us started about National Donut Day! Or do, because who doesn’t love donuts?

Friday, June 3rd is National Donut Day. Each year, this holiday falls on the first Friday of June. And, the history of this holiday is actually quite interesting.

National Donut Day can be traced back to the volunteers of the Salvation Army in World War 1. There was a group of volunteers who were tasked with providing comforting meals to the soldiers on the front line. These volunteers quickly found that donuts were an efficient and effective way to provide food in the difficult circumstances. They would even use war helmets to fry up donuts! In 1938, National Donut Day was established as a way to honor the volunteers of the Salvation Army that showed up to help soldiers in the first World War.

How cool is that? Be sure to celebrate with a donut or two today! Most donut shops across the country have some sort of donut special (some even have free donuts– and we know our Agents love a good freebie)!

What is your favorite kind of donut? Let us know in the comments!

Joanna Gaines’ Quarantine Cooking Show is a Good One

Like almost everyone else in the world Joanna and Chip Gaines are staying at home these days, but they’re sharing some great recipes and family fun for everyone to participate in. Jo has started Quarantine Cooking on YouTube and oldest son Drake is serving as a videographer, editor and director.

Of course, the first episode is a quarantine must-have: chocolate chip cookies.

Crafts You Can Do With Kids

Hopefully, if you’re at home with kids during social distancing, the weather is nice where you are and you can get outside a little. But, if not, try some crafts! Ellen DeGeneres has teamed up with Laura from Scotch to teach kids how to make DIY puffy paint, a festive watermelon piñata, and an Ellen-themed gorilla bookmark.

Let’s get crafty!

What Song Reminds You of Your Home State?

Everyone has done it– everyone has made a road trip playlist with certain references to towns and states they may be driving through or visiting. Right? Right.

Condé Nast Traveler recently asked 50 people from all 50 states what particular song reminds them of their home state. Some were obvious– “My Old Kentucky Home;” “Take Me Home, Country Roads;” and “California Dreamin’.” But, what about those other states?

Personally, as an Arkansan, I think of some of the country music legends that got their start here (Johnny Cash, duh!) or of course, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “Home.”

The Most Popular TV Shows Ever

Have you ever gotten into an argument with your friends over the greatest TV show of all-time? Was it “M*A*S*H?” Or maybe “Seinfeld?” Well, numbers don’t lie. YouTuber, Data is Beautiful, has taken weekly statistics from 1986 to 2019 and compiled them into a video to show the most popular shows by the numbers.

Sam Elliott Recites “Old Town Road” Lyrics for Doritos Super Bowl Commercial And… Yeah

Though Sam Elliott has never won a major acting award, he has been nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe and an EMMY. Not to mention, he’s one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood and his voice is recognizable from miles away.

Most recently, Elliott has taken his talents to the small screen to help Doritos introduce an updated Cool Ranch recipe. But, Elliott does it without even mentioning the chips. Instead, he recites a section of the GRAMMY-nominated hit song, “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X.

Wait. What? Yes, you read that correctly. Elliott walks into a bar in the commercial and eventually ends his monologue by saying, “can’t nobody tell me nothin’.”

Guess How Much Money Mariah Carey Has Made From “All I Want For Christmas is You”

It’s not every day that a songwriter can sit down and pen a classic hit that lives on to generation after generation. Some would argue that it would be even rarer for a songwriter to pen an original Christmas classic. Haven’t we said and sang everything there is to sing and say about Christmas?

Mariah Carey didn’t think so, which is why her hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has become a holiday classic. Penned in 1994, the song has sold over 16 million copies and is the 12th best-selling single of all-time (ever). It’s also the best-selling Christmas single of all-time.

So, how much money has songwriter Carey made from the tune over the last 25 years? $60 million.

Not bad.

The song recently hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time in 25 years and is featured in an Amazon mini-documentary, “Mariah Carey is Christmas: The Story of ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’.”

Field Agents Love Christmas Movies, But What Is the Overall Favorite?

‘Tis the season for Christmas movies and we’re not talking about those manufactured Hallmark classic. We’re talking old school, leaving your kids at home (alone), bell ringin’, Santa Claus visitin’ Christmas movies.

Recently, we asked Field Agents to share their favorite Christmas movie with us and the results were varied and fun!

Ever Wondered About Those Huge Bows on Cars in Commercials? Same

We’ve all seen them– the commercials where the husband surprises the wife with a new car and a giant bow on top. The commercial with the fleet of cars driving through the snow all topped with giant bows. But, where do those bows come from?

Willie Geist and “Sunday TODAY” got the bottom and top of those bows and where they come from. Turns out, it’s a California company literally called King Size Bows.

This Children’s Clothing Ad from “Saturday Night Live” is Too Funny

As an adult, have you ever put your winter coat on a few minutes too early and wandered around your house looking for your keys only to have a mild panic attack because you’re so hot in your winter coat? Right? That is how kids are all the time in their fancy winter clothes and coats.

Recently, “Saturday Night Live” spoofed a Macy’s commercial and it’s just… gold.