50 People Tried to Guess The Most Famous Person From Their State

Who do you think the most famous person from your state is? You could ask five different people sitting next to you and probably get a different answer from each of them. For Arkansas, it’s definitely Bill Clinton, right? And Walmart. But, Walmart isn’t a person. Condé Nast Traveler recently asked 50 people from all 50 states who the most famous person from there state is and well, the answers were pretty interesting.

What if This Guy Was Your Cashier at Your Local Grocery Store?

Ellen DeGeneres and “The Ellen Show” are always looking for ways to prank their audience members or in some cases unsuspecting shoppers at grocery stores. Most recently, Ellen sent her writer Adam into a Sprouts to act as a cashier.

It makes you wonder what you would do if the cashier at your local Walmart or Kroger asked for one of your bananas or asked if you were buying halibut, “just for the… halibut?”

Too funny.

Which Streaming Service is Right For You?

With the launch of Apple TV Plus and Disney set to stream, too– what is the streaming service right for you? Lucky for consumers, “Today” broke down a lot of the basics for us.

Basically, you are about to have a lot of passwords to remember, but just about every show or movie you could ever want to watch available to you at the click of a couple of buttons.

What is Your Favorite Musical Genre?

Music can be and usually is a very personal thing. You like what you like and sometimes, you don’t even know why. Either you grew up listening to it, you like deeper lyrics or love a good beat drop. This is definitely the case for Field Agents, as their music genre interests reach just about every category imaginable.

Rock won out over country in most states with rap/hip-hop taking the title in California and Georgia.

Field Agents Love Netflix and Streaming

Streaming services are no longer the way of the future or only for certain early adopters. Recently, 89-percent of Agents surveyed answered that they do enjoy streaming services, with Netflix coming in as the overwhelming favorite of services sed.

7 Favorite Halloween Movies According to Field Agents

It’s officially spooky season (at least that’s what I’ve heard the kids say), so it’s time to dust off your favorite Halloween movies and get spooked. We recently asked, via Instagram, our Agents what their favorite Halloween movie is and out of all the responses, “Hocus Pocus” was the runaway favorite. But, a few others slid in there as well.

7 Favorite Halloween Movies According to Field Agents:

1. “Hocus Pocus”


2. “Hotel Transylvania”

3. “Addams Family”

4. “Casper”

5. “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

6. “Halloweentown”

7. “Nightmare Before Christmas”

The Perfect Playlist for Running Errands

If you are like a lot of people you might not love loading up your car and hitting the town to run errands. If that’s you, you could be suffering from a case of– you’re not listening to the right set of tunes as you drive through the town collecting groceries and getting gas. Until now, now you have the perfect playlist for errands. Enjoy.