We Turned 12!

Twelve years ago, on April 17th, Field Agent was born! Each year, we try to do something fun to celebrate with our Agents. After all, we wouldn’t be  Field Agent without our Agents!

This year, to celebrate our 12th birthday, we ran 5 different birthday jobs where we had fun with Agents all over the country and got to know them a little bit better. One of the things we asked Agents this year was their favorite part about the Field Agent App (besides making money, of course)! Here’s what some of our Agents had to say:

  • “I like that there are so many new products and activities to do. There is no such thing as a boring task”
  • “This whole entire app is my favorite I love everything about it”
  • “I love the randomness of the ask…go take a picture of this house, go get a chicken sandwich and tell us what you think, take a picture of the refrigerated dog food at this grocery…it’s mini-adventures!”
  • “It’s FUN to be an Agent and have these sort of secret missions to accomplish. It makes the routine shopping trips much more interesting. Plus, all the new products I’ve had the chance to try-and got PAID to try?! Awesome sauce.”
  • “How easy it is to find nearby assignments no matter where I am at any given time!”

What is your favorite part about the Field Agent App? Let us know in the comments below! 

Field Agent Webinar: Speak to an App Expert

Field Agent recently hosted its second webinar for Agents where our app experts answered every question under the sun about how to get the most out of the Field Agent app. Of course, the webinar was a success because our Agents asked interesting and engaging questions. We hope you will join us for our next webinar in the near future.

8 Field Agents Share the Funniest Questions They Have Ever Been Asked in the Field Agent App

Here at Field Agent, we’re always trying to provide Agents (you) with jobs to put more money in their (your) pockets. Sometimes, to make this happen we have to ask some seemingly random questions. Recently, we asked a few Agents to share what they thought were the funniest questions they have ever answered in the App.

8 Field Agents Share the Funniest Questions They Have Ever Been Asked in the Field Agent App:

  1. “‘Do you drink water?’ ….uh, yes, humans must drink water to survive. Or else they die. I thought this question was, shall I say, questionable!”

2. “It has to be the toilet paper survey asking how I folded the tissue. I’ve become an origami master!”

3. “The trial feminine products. Did you enjoy the Kotex?”

4. “I think the funniest thing to me was to explain how the Little Caesars pizza looks.”

5. “I seem to remember there was a question regarding toilet paper and how you used it, either folding or scrunching. And yes, I completed the job.”

6. “How often I buy unicorn food. Why every day, of course. who doesn’t?”

7. “How I wipe my butt… Do I crumple or fold the paper? It was awkward but made me curious to know what other people put. I finished the job, it was an easy survey.”

8. “I was standing in the rain and wind getting the last picture for a bales audit at Sam’s Club. The tell us about your experience question came up. I think I typed cold and or wet. Now, every time I see that question unless I need to convey something specific I type the weather report.”

8 Ways Field Agent Has Allowed Agents To Positively Impact Their Community

At Field Agent, we’re all about providing people opportunities to make some money because we know that extra money for our Agents usually means giving them an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of those around them.

We recently asked a few Agents how Field Agent has allowed them to positively impact their community and their answers were pretty impactful.

8 Ways Field Agent Has Allowed Agents To Positively Impact Their Community:

1. “I have been able to positively impact my family by being able to provide some extra spending money for my young boys’ needs. Before Field Agent, we did not have any extra money at the end of the month after bills. But now, because of Field Agent, I can afford to take my boys out for a treat after a great week at school or save money for Christmas gifts or get them crayons and markers because they’re loving art!”

2. “I am new to my community, therefore, it has helped me learn more about supermarkets and stores around my way. I have learned to build up the courage to talk to others and make new friends.”

3. “Field Agent has made me more conscious of free samples that are available in other places too. Sometimes I will take those samples and donate them to charitable causes instead, such as pregnancy resource centers.”

4. “Going to do the jobs from Field Agent allows you to help positively influence retailers’ product offerings in the community. Buy and Try jobs are a perfect example of this. Test a product, give honest feedback and review the item to share opinions with family and friends as well as the general public. We also get the opportunity to share with retailers how their programs are being presented to consumers and help point out possible issues with their shelf presentation.”

5. “I use Field Agent to fund our nonessential purchases. It withdraws to a specific checking account that we use for eating out, movies etc. Field Agent allows for those little luxuries that improve family morale.”

6. “I get out more often and interact with my community while working for Field Agent. I actually see my friends more too. I wave to the neighbors on my way out and check to see if they need anything while I am out.”

7. “Field Agent has given me more interaction with the ‘outside world.’ I see these jobs as a way to interact with others and be a positive influence.”

8. “Field Agent has helped me to make more donations to my children’s school and the community. It has also brought me into new places that I wouldn’t have normally visited and now I frequent those places.”

8 Ways Field Agent Has Positively Impacted the Lives of Field Agents

At Field Agent, we’re all about providing people opportunities to make some money. Through the Field Agent app and jobs, Agents are able to provide feedback on products and retailers, sometimes changing the way products are presented, and make an overall difference for other shoppers when it comes to their insights. We recently asked a few Agents how Field Agent has positively impacted their life and their answers were pretty impactful.

8 Ways Field Agent Has Positively Impacted the Lives of Field Agents:

1. “I am a stay-at-home mom and have been able to contribute financially to my family! Field Agent fits into my lifestyle and allows me to make money on a flexible schedule. Being able to earn extra money for my family has boosted my self-confidence and self-worth!”

2. “I’m exceedingly grateful I came across the Field Agent app. As a single mom with no family in the area to watch my kids and no funds for hiring a babysitter, this app lets me earn money and still be home in time for the school bus. Even better, I don’t have to worry about being disciplined by an employer for having to pick my kids up from school when they get sick. I live in a rural area and imagine Field Agent is even more of a boon for single parents who live in more commercial areas.”

3. “Field Agent has helped me pay down debt and feel productive within my own community. I love FIELD AGENT!”

4. “I enjoy working with Field Agent. The programs are great. By completing tasks assigned, I was able to make extra money to pay for expensed costs such as gas or school supplies. In addition, with Buy and Try program, I had opportunities to try and gain knowledge about new products before I bought them for daily use. The program introduced several healthy products that my children liked after trying them. With Walmart non-grocery/ grocery in-store pickup tasks, I was able to use the bounty to pay for tax and gas along with the service which was convenient and time-saving.”

5. “Field Agent provides me with work I can do with two small kids in tow. I’m predominantly a stay-at-home-mom and Field Agent gives me the flexibility to earn a bit of money on my schedule. My boys love going to ‘work’ with Mommy too, they’re always excited that we’re going to the store!”

6. “Field Agent Buy and Try jobs introduced me to a whole variety of new delicious and useful products. Earned money allowed me to buy Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and so much more. I am truly grateful for this amazing company and all the opportunities.”

7. “Field Agent has helped take the pinch out of our grocery budget! We have a busy house with four kids. Field Agent has added a fun extra income for us.”

8. “Field Agent helps me feel like I’ve accomplished something while I’m out doing my everyday shopping. As a stay-at-home-mom, it was hard making the transition from working full-time to taking care of my kids full-time. I can do these little jobs and make some money on the side while doing things I normally would anyways.”

7 Fairly Entertaining and Funny Situations That Have Happened to Field Agents While Out in the Field

Anytime you’re at a store or out and about in public, something interesting is bound to happen. Especially if you’re trying to be discreet or undercover and on the job. Of course, this is true for Field Agents when they’re on the job. We recently asked a few Agents to share some of their most memorable experiences with us and there are definitely some things to laugh about in these incidents!

7 Fairly Entertaining and Funny Situations That Have Happened to Field Agents While Out in the Field:

1. “I’ve had someone offer to pay for my item when my card declined. I told them that it was okay and that I know I had money on my card and it was just a glitch and I needed a receipt for a buy and try item. The machine declined my card two more times while they stood there watching and I was so embarrassed that it clicked in my head that I was putting the wrong pin number in!”

2. “While completing an audit I noticed the products weren’t organized. I organized the products in order to complete the audit correctly. An employee thanked me for organizing the products.”

3. “Oftentimes people think I work for the establishment while doing a Field Agent gig. One time, a woman asked me a question regarding some merchandise and I replied, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know.’ This woman went wild on me immediately yelling about how I should know this stuff and why can’t anyone help her? She was super embarrassed when I informed her I didn’t work there.”

4. “One time, I was asked to count how many bottles of something were in a cooler. I had to move all the flavors out of the way to correctly count. When I put them back, the stock boy and I cracked up about me restocking them exactly as I found them. He said I should apply because it looked better after I was done.”

5. “One time, when I was in Walmart I was doing a customer service audit during Halloween. I went in fully dressed in a Halloween costume, ran into my husband and he didn’t even know it was me! How’s that for cover?”

6. “While I was doing a panel measurement job an associate in hardware kept watching and trying to help me. He kept asking me questions I couldn’t answer and I would get confused on what I had already measured and would have to start over again. Eventually, I was like, ‘if you keep talking to me, I’m never going to get this done.’ We laughed and I got the job done.”

7.  “The weirdest thing to happen to me was while I was doing the index card audit. The cards were messed up,  so I’m sitting on the floor flipping through these stacks of cards and customers and employees kept walking past me. They would stare, then ask each other ‘what is she doing?… I don’t know but she seems to know… let’s just leave her there.'”

7 Ways to Go Undercover for Field Agent Jobs, According to Field Agents

For the most part, completing a job as a Field Agent is pretty easy (if you read the instructions carefully and all of that), but every now and then a job might require a little extra effort. When jobs like this arise we like to go to our Agents for advice for our other Agents. In this case, we asked Agents how they get into character before entering a store to do a job. We got some great answers that could you on your way to becoming a top Agent at Field Agent!

7 Ways to Go Undercover for Field Agent Jobs, According to Field Agents:

1. I live in a very small town and it seems like everybody knows everybody. When I have a shop that I have to do at Walmart I have a wig that I wear and I usually have on sunglasses or at least some type of reading glasses. I actually try not to accept jobs that are in the town that I live in.

2. I act like a normal shopper with my phone in hand along with my coupons, pen, and small tablet to cross my items off on my lists. Just act like an extreme couponer and they won’t even look twice at you.

3. I try to dress in a non-flashy way try not to stand out and blend in with the crowd. If I’m going to a higher-end store, I will dress to fit the situation. A lot of times I pretend to be scrolling through looking at something on my phone when I need to take the picture. If I am approached, I play it off that me and my friends are playing a scavenger hunt type of game.

4.  I usually have to get out of my quiet normal personality and be outgoing which is difficult but rewarding. I probably look suspicious trying to see names on badges.

5. I always try and think about which departments I would typically need help in, and visit those sections first. My goal is to help Walmart see where a staff member is a great asset. That said, I’ll go to lawn & garden, fabrics, electronics, and the customer service desk first, before approaching any other employees. I think it’s best to have a question ready to ask so you can let them get back to work.

6. I get into character by having a shopping list and pen in my hand, so that I look like an ordinary shopper. I try not to bring too much attention to myself so that the associates in the store don’t suspect I’m doing an audit. I think the best advice I have for completing a CSA is to act naturally.

7. I try to act like I didn’t make a list for my shopping trip and am just browsing. Don’t give yourself a time limit–  take your time and spend it discovering new products!

12 Things Field Agents Love About The Field Agent App

If you’ve ever wondered what the Field Agent App is all about– it’s about you and paying you cash for jobs done. Field Agents use their smartphones to collect photos, video, and information from stores and many other locations. This information is often used by businesses to better serve customers just like you.

We recently asked a few of our top Field Agents to tell us why they love the Field Agent App and results were pretty unanimous– it’s the app that pays you cash for doing work.

12 Things Field Agents Love About The Field Agent App:

  1. It’s a great way to try new products.
  2. Access to extra income.
  3. Easy and fast way to get extra cash throughout the month.
  4. A great learning experience.
  5. Great way to earn money while already shopping.
  6. Great way to have extra income.
  7. Able to work when you feel like it.
  8. The flexibility.
  9. An exhilarating way to learn new things.
  10. Helped pay for grad school.
  11. Great way to pay off debt.
  12. Helpful way to pay for vacations.

Why I'm a Field Agent

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7 Tips for New Field Agents from Current Field Agents

You finally took the plunge and downloaded one of gig-economy apps you’ve been reading about, but how does it all work? How often should you check the app? Will you actually get paid? We asked some of our top Field Agents to share some everyday advice for new Field Agent App users and we think you’ll their answers helpful and encouraging. 

7 Tips for New Field Agents from Current Field Agents:

  1. My tip would be for the new agents to check in with the app as frequently as possible to have the most opportunities to reserve the best jobs.
  2. Read instructions slowly and carefully. And take really good pictures with the location on.
  3. Have patience, the jobs will come.
  4. Be vigilant. Visit often. Have fun.
  5. Read all the instructions of a job before accepting it and be thorough in completing it. Take the jobs seriously as they have a huge impact on products and services.
  6. Utilize your FA app wherever you go, such as vacations, to maximize earnings. There are typically jobs available when you travel to other towns and states!
  7. Read the directions thoroughly and use the option at the end of each job and put their feedback. It is read and used to make Field Agent better for everyone.