Check Out These Scrub Brushes That Work With Your Cordless Drill

All of your cleaning dreams have come true. You can now buy nylon brushes that attach your cordless drill for the ultimate in scrubbing power.

Currently, Amazon has several different brands offering up these power scrubbers, with the promises of:

  • These nylon bristles will not scratch and can be used on tubs, sinks, baseboards, fiberglass shower enclosures, shower door tracks, and porcelain.
  • Power scrubber drill brush fits both cord and cordless drills or impact driver, 1/4 inch steel shaft, easy access with your drill and are safe to use, quick connection by sliding right into your drill then simply tighten and become a powerful cleaning tool.


If you don’t trust us, check out a few of these reviews:

  • “This is very handy, elbow grease saver set.
    The entire set of brushes includes everything you may need to scrub or polish. All you need is a drill to attach it to and you are set. Longer extension allows you to mount attachments farther from the drill if you have to. Bristles are hard, not soft to get the job done. For those that do not have a pressure cleaning machine, you can use this set to clean mildew from a grout as you can see on one of my pictures. There is an attachment with velcro type of pad which allows you to attach those included multi-color coarse pads. It’s a great multipurpose attachment set. Good quality product !!!”
  • “I have tried everything to get the track on my glass shower door clean to no avail. I also have grout that is disgusting so I decided this might do the trick. I was afraid I would get a “why did you buy this” lecture from my husband but I got just the opposite. My husband was surprised that the set came with all the attachments and adaptors to easily change out brushes and pads. I scrubbed the shower door and I was happy to see that the scrubbing pad got all the scale off plus cleaned the white caulk of dirt discoloration. I haven’t tried it on the kitchen grout yet but I am sure it will work; get some good degreaser and scrub away. The drill provides more power than I can muster so cleans better than any manual cleaning I can do. Husband says its good for white letter tire cleaning too. There are enough attachments to use for many purposes. I expect to find many uses I haven’t even thought of yet.”

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