College Football.

In the late 19th century, the history of what football is today had just begun. Originally referred to as “gridiron football”, which was related to the English sports soccer and rugby, quickly became more and more popular in universities across the country. The first American football “contest” was held on November 6, 1869, between Princeton and Rutgers in New Brunswick, New Jersey (now known as Princeton University). 

The person responsible for this transition from rugby to the sport we know and love today is named Walter Camp, who is known as the “Father of American Football”. He helped create and shape the rules behind the game by partnering with the Intercollegiate Football Association (IFA). 

With football being America’s favorite sport and the 153rd season of college football starting, we thought it would be fitting to ask our agents who your favorite college football team, your predictions for the season, and what your favorite game day traditions are! Tell us the story behind your love for the game below! 

24 thoughts on “College Football.”

  1. USC will always be our favorite team. So many great players graduating recently will make this season a wait to see the team in action sort of season. Fingers AND toes crossed we’ll be as great as ever

    1. I just recently got into college football because of some friends I highly recommend the podcast #thequadwithchrisyoung it’s highly entertaining and just not football music college nfl and movies everything you like rolled into one! #tennesseorange #pastate

  2. Ohio State buckeyes!
    I’m originally from Ohio, and it’s a law that you’re a buckeyes fan. Moved to Ohio, better get on the bandwagon.😊🏈

  3. WVU Let’s go mountaineers!
    Aside from the years that they had Don Nehlen as coach they have always been a powerhouse. Almost always the underdog and definitely always underestimated.

  4. Ball State University in Muncie, IN! I used to watch football with my Dad so its something I enjoy that makes me think of him.

  5. Syracuse! Go Orange! The first African American Heisman Trophy winner, Ernie Davis, played for Syracuse and led them to their first and only national championship in 1959. Former Cuse players include NFL greats like Jim Brown, Floyd Little, John Mackey, Larry Csonka, Art Monk, Joe Morris, Daryl Johnston and Donovan McNabb. Two time Super Bowl winning head coach Tom Coughlin played in the backfield with Floyd Little. Syracuse assistants have included national championship winners Nick Saban, Jim Tressell and Ed Orgeron. We’re off to a great start in 2022 and the future looks bright under head coach Dino Babers.

  6. The South Carolina Gamecocks are my husband’s favorite college football team, so by default they are mine as well. Though they may not win many games we cheer for then anyhow.
    Go team!!

  7. The greatest football traditions and our families favorite college football team Notre Dame. GO IRISH !!!! Nothing beats a Saturday at South Bend from the Golden Dome to Touch Down Jesus to the slap sign PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY!!!! New era with Marcus Freeman and Tommy Rees. LOVE THEE IRISH!!!!!

  8. I am late to the “game!” Ha! Vols for Life, but we had a disappointing end to our season. Hope to see a better season next year!

  9. Hotty toddy, THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, The Ole Miss Rebels, probably won’t be that great with the wins, but I am a die hard fan. Love to hangout in the groove on GameDay and of course tailgating, and BBQ! I honestly haven’t been to a game or even watched one in years. I used to go with some former coworkers and family. Not a big football person. Just being honest

  10. Arizona State Cardinals! GO CARDINALS!

    Kurt Warner has been to my church and he retired from the Cardinals as a Quarterback. I love the team and love the game!

  11. Go Mississippi State University! My son was in the band and I taught Anthony Dixon, who went on to play for the 49ers! 🙂

  12. I love me some New r Saints. I never cared for football but I raised 7 boys who eat sleep and breath it. We always watch every game during season. I think my favorite was when the Saints and Packers played the Superbowl. We were an evenly divided house so everyone wore their gear and it was a great night.

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