Fun Ideas for the Fourth of July!

Who doesn’t love spending a fun summer night filled with friends and family while getting to watch fireworks and enjoying a sweet treat!  Whether you are at home, on a beach, in the mountains, or somewhere in between, you can make this day memorable by spending it with the people you love most! We are here to share a few of our favorite things to do on the 4th of July no matter where you are. 

    • Backyard bbq & game night: Invite friends over and spend the night grilling your favorite food everyone can enjoy! Ask your guests to bring their favorite board game to play after dinner. 
    • Local city parade & firework show: Check out your city’s local events and attend the parade and firework show to celebrate this patriotic day the right way! 
    • Lake Day: Whether you have a lake-house, a boat, or public access to a lake front– bring a football and some snacks and spend this fun summer night by the lake.
    • Beach picnic: If you are spending the 4th on the beach, set up a picnic blanket, grab your favorite treats and enjoy a fireworks show by the ocean!
    • Visit a historical landmark or national park: If you are looking for an adventure, see if there are any historical landmarks or parks around your areas so that you can spend the day outside! Go on a trail ride, run, or hike to stay active this Fourth of July.

How are you spending the Fourth of July this year?

6 thoughts on “Fun Ideas for the Fourth of July!”

  1. Spend quality time with family, then
    Spend quality time with friends celebrating birthday early
    Then spending time all to myself, bubbles in the tub with soft music, candle light, and a glass of wine.

  2. Just an observation, but: do we wish people a Merry December 25th? Or, a week later, wish them Happy January 1st? I’m pretty sure our sweethearts would be confused if we wished them Happy February 14th. How is it, then, that we’ve been conditioned to refer to our nation’s birthday only by its date? Is it because we’re not to consider that our forebears, in a desperate act of high treason, threw off the oppression of a tyrannical government and declared independence from it? Im just wondering how this date thing started… anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day!

  3. I love July I love the colors and what it represents to me freedom of our country freedom in me and what I’m trying to find on a daily peace love and me the colors of the world represented in fireworks just wish they were silent so k ow one would have to be hurt by the remembrance of a painful memory

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