Give the Gift of Little Caesars and Field Agent to Your Friends and Family

Have you ever been to Zapata, Texas? It’s more than just a fun name, there’s a Little Caesars pizza there too! What about Salamanca, New York? Do you know anyone there that would love a night-in with a fresh Little Caesars ‘za on you (and Field Agent)? Well, send them your referral code and get them to Little Caesars tonight!

If you’re curious about other places that happen to have some free pizza available from Little Caesar’s check out the map.

Referral program: the new referral program pays you money for telling your friends about Field Agent. For every new agent that uses your referral code, we will pay you 10-percent of what they earn until they reach $100. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can give out.

How to find your referral code: the referral code for your friends is located in the Field Agent App and can be found under the menu (top left) and “invite.” From there you can share it via text, email, social media or whatever way you can think to share it!

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