Guacamole Preservation Container is the Food Storage Container You Need In Your Life

Is there anything worse than making delicious guacamole at your house and having to throw it away because you couldn’t finish it all and you know it won’t be good the next day? Well, that is no more with the Guacamole Preservation Container from Casabella. According to them, “…this guacamole container creates an airtight seal that keeps oxygen out, so it stays green and fresh for days. (It’s great for hummus, salsa, and tzatziki, too.) Push the container’s base to remove the air, which raises the guac to the top. The push feature comes in handy as you start enjoying the dip—give a press and it lifts the contents to the top and avoids the need to scrape dip off the sides.”

If you can afford the avocados, Guac-Lock will only run you $17.95.

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