Hey, Y’all– Or Is It You Guys?

Finally, one of the questions that has divided Americans for so long has been (somewhat answered)– more Americans (or at least more Field Agents surveyed) say “y’all” over “you guys.”

In recent weeks we’ve gotten down to the basics on “coke” versus “soda;” and “queso” versus “cheese dip;” but this is real vernacular work going on here. As expected, the entirety of the South says “y’all” with Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, West Virginia and Maryland also falling into “y’all” land.

You all are welcome for this information. You guys can thank us later.


3 thoughts on “Hey, Y’all– Or Is It You Guys?”

  1. I live in the south and I definatly say y’all. Ive also heard people say you guys. Have you ever heard Youn’s? I had a friend that was raised in West Virginia and thats what he would say … Youn’ s going to the store? I often asked him, “what is a youn’s ( pernounced = you ins ) He would just look at me and say in an accent, Y’All wanna go or not? Lol

  2. Im guilty, y’all! Im Sam from Alabama living in Wyoming. But of course, “roll tide y’all,” sounds more fitting!

    Im grateful to be amongst such great people. I thank yens for the opportunities given with Field Agent.

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