Is It Queso or Cheese Dip?

Picture this, you’re at a restaurant and you’re really hungry. The waitstaff asks if you’d like any appetizers. Of course, you’d like a treat before the big meal. Melted cheese with peppers and onions and other goodness sounds delicious, but what do you tell the waitperson? Do you say, “I’d like some queso” or “I’d love some cheese dip”?

This question was really eating us up at Field Agent, so we did what we do best– we asked our Field Agents what they call everyone’s favorite appetizer and it turns out– everyone just wants some queso.

Here’s an interesting note: while ‘cheese dip’ garnered 30-percent of the vote, it was not the clear winner in any state. Pretty close in a few places, but close only counts in horseshoes, right?

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