Self-Sealing and Self-Changing Automatic Trash Can Makes Trash Easy

Taking out the trash is kind of the worst. For me, it always feels like I take out my trash and then have stuff like onions or fish to throw away. You can’t let that sit overnight.

It looks like the future of in-home trash cans are here and ready to make your trash can dreams come true (you know, a dream you never knew you even had). TOWNEW’s self-sealing and self-changing automatic, motion-sense activated trash can is here.

Here are the basics:

  • Self-sealing and self-changing TOWNEW automatic trash can does it all for you with a touch of a button
  • With the built-in motion sensor you don’t have to touch the trash bin. Have your hands free of dirt
  • Its design and technology makes TOWNEW the best automatic trash can for your modern kitchen and smart home
  • TOWNEW trash can uses refill rings, each contains up to 25 recyclable and durable trash bags
  • Package contents: one white TOWNEW trash can, one refill ring, power adapter and manual

This trash can of the future is available now at Amazon for $119.95.

One thought on “Self-Sealing and Self-Changing Automatic Trash Can Makes Trash Easy”

  1. This is an amazing rubbish can it is so clean and easy to use. A little pricey for the size but worth the cost just wish it was a little taller because my family has a lot of rubbish every day.

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