9 Retailers With the Best Coupons According to Field Agents

If you’re looking to score a good deal, it’s always a good idea to ask a Field Agent– with how much time they spend in stores, there’s a good chance they know the ins and outs of the retailers and products better than most. So, when we wanted to know which retailers continually offer up the best coupons, we asked our fellow Field Agents to give us the scoop.

Note: all answers were compiled from the Field Agent Instagram account.

9 Retailers With the Best Coupons According to Field Agents:

Kroger’s coupons are available online, but you do have to sign-up to access them.

2. Bed Bath and Beyond
That 20-percent off coupon is still the real deal.

3. Kohl’s
The number of deals available at Kohl’s is almost unbelievable.

4. Target
Just download that Cartwheel app and start saving.

5. Publix
When you download the Publix app you can access coupons. For private label items at Publix, you can use a paper and digital coupon together.

6. Walgreens
Walgreens has two rewards programs available to customers– Balance Rewards and Register Rewards. The former is a points-based loyalty program you have to sign up for. You can also use store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons at Walgreens.

7. Piggly Wiggly
Piggy Wiggly’s coupons are compiled for you online and tell you exactly how much savings is available at a time.

8. Dollar General
Dollar General only allows one manufacturer coupon at one time, but they also offer up a lot of $5 off of $25 or more purchases and the like.

9. Hobby Lobby
If you’re headed to Hobby Lobby without the ever-present 40-percent off one item coupon– what are you doing?!