You Can Make Disney Parks’ Cookie Fries at Home

If you are currently missing out on a vacation to Disney or just missing Disney in general– you’re in luck! The chefs from Disney have released a few park favorites with fans and we’re going with these cookie fries first!


2 3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
1/2 cup plus one tablespoon plant-based margarine, softened
7 tablespoons warm water
5 tablespoons liquid egg substitute
1 tablespoon molasses
1/2 cup dairy-free mini chocolate chips


Combine flour, powdered sugar, and plant-based margarine in bowl of electric mixer fitted with paddle attachment. Beat on medium speed until smooth.
In small bowl, combine warm water and egg substitute. Add egg substitute and molasses to mixer. Mix on medium speed until smooth.
Fold in chocolate chips.
Place in an 8×8-inch pan and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Preheat oven to 325°F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone baking mats.
Cut into 32 strips that are 1/4-inch wide and 4 inches long. Place 16 strips on each baking sheet.
Bake for 20-22 minutes, until crunchy.
Serve with your favorite plant-based chocolate, strawberry, and marshmallow dipping sauces.

14 Fun Things Field Agents are Doing to Stay Active Right Now

As most Americans continue to shelter-in-place and social distance making the most of our time has been interesting. You’ve probably seen in your neighborhood that some dogs are getting walked multiple times a day. Or maybe, you’ve seen your friends on social media making bread– a lot of it.

We recently asked our Field Agents what some of their favorite activities are right now that get them up and moving off the couch. For me, it’s yard work and dog walking– just like most of y’all! Some of these things might even give you an idea for something new to try today!

14 Fun Things Field Agents are Doing to Stay Active Right Now:

1.”I have been working on my yard and garden. seeds started, garden tilled and slowly pulling a trailing/climbing vine from my front and back yard.”

2. “Play ping pong by myself.”
Note: we really want to know how this works. 

3. “Go for a walk outside. We live in an RV and work as hosts in a State Park that is closed. We have the whole park to ourselves!”

4. “dance with Oprah and Ellen until I pass out.”

5. “Vacuuming.”

6. “Walk down the road and I started 30 days of yoga challenge!”

7. “Gardening. Hiking, playing with my chickens.”

8. “Make maple syrup.”

9. “I practice violin and have video Skyping with my friends.”

10. “Dancing to my favorite tunes with my kids and step aerobics compliments of YouTube.”

11. “Play outside with my daughter. Doing chalk, hopscotch and make obstacle courses.”

12. “Taking my three Great Danes for a walk! Or, should I say, letting my Great Danes, especially my male brindle, Scooby, take me for a walk!!”

13. “Walk around the neighborhood and take pictures of random things I find. Nature is a beautiful thing and sometimes we don’t stop and smell the flowers.”

14. “I’ve been making masks for local hospitals and my family has also enjoyed going for walks and fishing, a new hobby for us all.”

42 Ways to Cook a Hamburger

While stuck at home during this global pandemic, it’s a good opportunity to brush up on your cooking skills. Like, every single one of your cooking skills. That even goes for the classic American hamburger. Did you know there are 42 ways to cook a hamburger? I could have thought of maybe, seven or eight, but 42? That’ll give you something to do.

Skip to each of the methods here:
Cast Iron 1:06
Grill Pan 1:52
Pre-Seasoned 2:30
Frozen Burger 3:20
Gas Grill (3 Ways) 4:02
Gas Grilled Burger 4:29
Gas Grilled Frozen Burger 4:53
Ice Chip 5:18
Charcoal Grilled 5:40
Hibachi/Indoor Grill 6:29
Butter Seared 7:10
Steamed 7:43
Toaster 8:26
Iron 9:29
Deep Fried 10:15
Waffle Iron 10:53
Rotisserie 11:28
Smash Burger 12:11
Frozen Smash Burger 13:03
Onion Smashed Burger 13:37
Grilled Smash Burger 14:20
Smoker 14:52
Searzall 15:28
Sous Vide 16:09
Microwave 17:03
Dehydrator 17:44
Tar Tare 18:28
Hand Chopped 19:15
Mix-Ins (3 Ways) 20:09
Butter Burger 20:37
Mayonaise 21:03
Peanut Butter 21:31
Juicy Lucy 22:03
Baked 22:50
Roasted 23:24
Broiled 23:58
Easy Bake Oven 24:39
Pan To Oven 25:29
Reverse Sear 26:07
Firepit (3 Ways) 27:00
Lava Stone 27:21
Wood Grilled 27:48
Foil Packet 28:16
George Foreman 28:45
Air Fryer 29:23

What Song Reminds You of Your Home State?

Everyone has done it– everyone has made a road trip playlist with certain references to towns and states they may be driving through or visiting. Right? Right.

Condé Nast Traveler recently asked 50 people from all 50 states what particular song reminds them of their home state. Some were obvious– “My Old Kentucky Home;” “Take Me Home, Country Roads;” and “California Dreamin’.” But, what about those other states?

Personally, as an Arkansan, I think of some of the country music legends that got their start here (Johnny Cash, duh!) or of course, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “Home.”

The Most Popular TV Shows Ever

Have you ever gotten into an argument with your friends over the greatest TV show of all-time? Was it “M*A*S*H?” Or maybe “Seinfeld?” Well, numbers don’t lie. YouTuber, Data is Beautiful, has taken weekly statistics from 1986 to 2019 and compiled them into a video to show the most popular shows by the numbers.

Most Field Agents Are Sticking to Their New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions are hard. Making a big, sweeping change in your life can be hard. But, so far, Field Agents seem to be sticking with their New Year’s resolutions and we’re super proud of them!

We recently asked our Agents to share their primary resolution with us and the category it fits into, plus if they are still pursuing it. The majority of Agents are seeking to save more money, while another big group of Agents is hoping to lose weight or workout more.

What Do You Think The Most Beautiful State in the U.S. Is?

America, save a few spots here and there, is fairly beautiful. I live in the Ozark Mountains and often forget just how pretty it is to live where I live. Is the same true for other Americans? Kind of.

Condé Nast Traveler recently asked 50 people from 50 different states to name the most beautiful state in America. It’s hard to pick, which was the only thing agreed upon by these 50 people.

8 Field Agents Share the Funniest Questions They Have Ever Been Asked in the Field Agent App

Here at Field Agent, we’re always trying to provide Agents (you) with jobs to put more money in their (your) pockets. Sometimes, to make this happen we have to ask some seemingly random questions. Recently, we asked a few Agents to share what they thought were the funniest questions they have ever answered in the App.

8 Field Agents Share the Funniest Questions They Have Ever Been Asked in the Field Agent App:

  1. “‘Do you drink water?’ ….uh, yes, humans must drink water to survive. Or else they die. I thought this question was, shall I say, questionable!”

2. “It has to be the toilet paper survey asking how I folded the tissue. I’ve become an origami master!”

3. “The trial feminine products. Did you enjoy the Kotex?”

4. “I think the funniest thing to me was to explain how the Little Caesars pizza looks.”

5. “I seem to remember there was a question regarding toilet paper and how you used it, either folding or scrunching. And yes, I completed the job.”

6. “How often I buy unicorn food. Why every day, of course. who doesn’t?”

7. “How I wipe my butt… Do I crumple or fold the paper? It was awkward but made me curious to know what other people put. I finished the job, it was an easy survey.”

8. “I was standing in the rain and wind getting the last picture for a bales audit at Sam’s Club. The tell us about your experience question came up. I think I typed cold and or wet. Now, every time I see that question unless I need to convey something specific I type the weather report.”

Field Agents Love Christmas Movies, But What Is the Overall Favorite?

‘Tis the season for Christmas movies and we’re not talking about those manufactured Hallmark classic. We’re talking old school, leaving your kids at home (alone), bell ringin’, Santa Claus visitin’ Christmas movies.

Recently, we asked Field Agents to share their favorite Christmas movie with us and the results were varied and fun!