Does Your City or State Pronounce Certain Words Differently Than the Rest of the Country?

If you spend any time on the Internet and Twitter, in particular, you may have seen the viral thread about regional or local pronunciations of certain words or places. For example, Lafayette, Louisiana is not pronounced the same way as La-FAY-ette county in Arkansas. And so on and so forth.


Do any certain words or places strike a chord with you and your local brethren?



Burger King Hid a Big Mac Behind Every Whopper in Every Ad and Video in 2019

Talk about a whopper of an idea– Burger King, in an attempt to truly prove that its Whopper is bigger than McDonald’s Big Mac, really went for it with its 2019 ad campaign.

BK recently revealed that a Big Mac was hidden behind a Whopper in every Whopper ad in 2019. Even videos.

What a zing.

And what a point to prove. Will it make a difference?

This Children’s Clothing Ad from “Saturday Night Live” is Too Funny

As an adult, have you ever put your winter coat on a few minutes too early and wandered around your house looking for your keys only to have a mild panic attack because you’re so hot in your winter coat? Right? That is how kids are all the time in their fancy winter clothes and coats.

Recently, “Saturday Night Live” spoofed a Macy’s commercial and it’s just… gold.

What if This Guy Was Your Cashier at Your Local Grocery Store?

Ellen DeGeneres and “The Ellen Show” are always looking for ways to prank their audience members or in some cases unsuspecting shoppers at grocery stores. Most recently, Ellen sent her writer Adam into a Sprouts to act as a cashier.

It makes you wonder what you would do if the cashier at your local Walmart or Kroger asked for one of your bananas or asked if you were buying halibut, “just for the… halibut?”

Too funny.