Best Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Sure, you, like a lot of people feel like you’ve been inside for 6 months straight. Same. And as the temperatures get colder and colder– it’s time to settle back in to the sweats. But, what about your ol’ pupper? You can exercise them indoors! Who knew?

1. Stairs
2. Teaching them the trick– sit to lie down
3. Let dogs and/or cats play together
4. Interactive toys
5. Long elastic leash

Okay, maybe nothing groundbreaking here, but it could keep you entertained for a few minutes!

14 Fun Things Field Agents are Doing to Stay Active Right Now

As most Americans continue to shelter-in-place and social distance making the most of our time has been interesting. You’ve probably seen in your neighborhood that some dogs are getting walked multiple times a day. Or maybe, you’ve seen your friends on social media making bread– a lot of it.

We recently asked our Field Agents what some of their favorite activities are right now that get them up and moving off the couch. For me, it’s yard work and dog walking– just like most of y’all! Some of these things might even give you an idea for something new to try today!

14 Fun Things Field Agents are Doing to Stay Active Right Now:

1.”I have been working on my yard and garden. seeds started, garden tilled and slowly pulling a trailing/climbing vine from my front and back yard.”

2. “Play ping pong by myself.”
Note: we really want to know how this works. 

3. “Go for a walk outside. We live in an RV and work as hosts in a State Park that is closed. We have the whole park to ourselves!”

4. “dance with Oprah and Ellen until I pass out.”

5. “Vacuuming.”

6. “Walk down the road and I started 30 days of yoga challenge!”

7. “Gardening. Hiking, playing with my chickens.”

8. “Make maple syrup.”

9. “I practice violin and have video Skyping with my friends.”

10. “Dancing to my favorite tunes with my kids and step aerobics compliments of YouTube.”

11. “Play outside with my daughter. Doing chalk, hopscotch and make obstacle courses.”

12. “Taking my three Great Danes for a walk! Or, should I say, letting my Great Danes, especially my male brindle, Scooby, take me for a walk!!”

13. “Walk around the neighborhood and take pictures of random things I find. Nature is a beautiful thing and sometimes we don’t stop and smell the flowers.”

14. “I’ve been making masks for local hospitals and my family has also enjoyed going for walks and fishing, a new hobby for us all.”

24 Ways to Cook a Whole Chicken

Have you ever thought to yourself, could I poach a whole chicken? You’re in luck, Bon Appétit recently went through every single way there is cook a whole chicken. That’s right– the entire chicken.

Did you know you can deep fry an entire bird? What about putting one in the microwave? Both are possible. Good luck out there.

7 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas Straight From Field Agents

Stockings– are they just for decoration or are they another avenue to deliver heartfelt goodies on Christmas day? For most, they serve as a great way to spread little nuggets of holiday cheer after digging into wrapped presents under the tree. But, what are the ideal items for stockings? We asked our Agents for a few ideas.

7 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas Straight From Field Agents:

1. “I think the candy cane full of m&m’s is always a hit and the storybook of Lifesavers. I can find them at Walmart or Walgreens. I will put these items in all 4 of my kids’ stockings, and yes, I would like it in my own stocking if I were a kid.”

2. “The best stocking stuffer to me is a $50 Walmart gift card so that the recipients can buy whatever they want. Best stocking stuffers can also be gloves, winter hats, lotions, seasonal fragrances shampoos. You can find them at Walmart stores.”

3. “Every year we get miniature puzzles in our stockings. Whether it’s a jigsaw or a mind puzzle they’re always fun and making the stocking opening take longer. Great little gifts that only cost a few dollars but bring joy on Christmas morning.”

4. “I have a household of boys! I usually go to the Dollar Store and buy things like earphones, duct tape, and candy. Just fun little things but they are also useful.”

5. “Our family loves to put lottery scratch tickets in stockings. Every age loves them and the anticipation of winning. You can buy them at grocery stores and convenience stores. I would like to find them in my stocking along with a little box holding a pretty diamond ring.”

6. “The best stocking stuffers that I see my family enjoys the most is having their favorite snack in their stocking, especially favorites that have a holiday twist, such as Holiday Cracker Jack mix. Also, a special Christmas card with an encouraging or inspirational note designed specifically for each person with a stocking. Feeling warm and fuzzy already.”

7. “Watches, wallets and chocolate are the best stocking stuffers. These items can be found everywhere and should be given to people age 4 and up. My fiancé and daughter will get these items in their stocking this year. I wouldn’t mind getting these items in my stocking this year.”