8 Field Agents Share the Funniest Questions They Have Ever Been Asked in the Field Agent App

Here at Field Agent, we’re always trying to provide Agents (you) with jobs to put more money in their (your) pockets. Sometimes, to make this happen we have to ask some seemingly random questions. Recently, we asked a few Agents to share what they thought were the funniest questions they have ever answered in the App.

8 Field Agents Share the Funniest Questions They Have Ever Been Asked in the Field Agent App:

  1. “‘Do you drink water?’ ….uh, yes, humans must drink water to survive. Or else they die. I thought this question was, shall I say, questionable!”

2. “It has to be the toilet paper survey asking how I folded the tissue. I’ve become an origami master!”

3. “The trial feminine products. Did you enjoy the Kotex?”

4. “I think the funniest thing to me was to explain how the Little Caesars pizza looks.”

5. “I seem to remember there was a question regarding toilet paper and how you used it, either folding or scrunching. And yes, I completed the job.”

6. “How often I buy unicorn food. Why every day, of course. who doesn’t?”

7. “How I wipe my butt… Do I crumple or fold the paper? It was awkward but made me curious to know what other people put. I finished the job, it was an easy survey.”

8. “I was standing in the rain and wind getting the last picture for a bales audit at Sam’s Club. The tell us about your experience question came up. I think I typed cold and or wet. Now, every time I see that question unless I need to convey something specific I type the weather report.”

8 Ways Field Agent Has Allowed Agents To Positively Impact Their Community

At Field Agent, we’re all about providing people opportunities to make some money because we know that extra money for our Agents usually means giving them an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of those around them.

We recently asked a few Agents how Field Agent has allowed them to positively impact their community and their answers were pretty impactful.

8 Ways Field Agent Has Allowed Agents To Positively Impact Their Community:

1. “I have been able to positively impact my family by being able to provide some extra spending money for my young boys’ needs. Before Field Agent, we did not have any extra money at the end of the month after bills. But now, because of Field Agent, I can afford to take my boys out for a treat after a great week at school or save money for Christmas gifts or get them crayons and markers because they’re loving art!”

2. “I am new to my community, therefore, it has helped me learn more about supermarkets and stores around my way. I have learned to build up the courage to talk to others and make new friends.”

3. “Field Agent has made me more conscious of free samples that are available in other places too. Sometimes I will take those samples and donate them to charitable causes instead, such as pregnancy resource centers.”

4. “Going to do the jobs from Field Agent allows you to help positively influence retailers’ product offerings in the community. Buy and Try jobs are a perfect example of this. Test a product, give honest feedback and review the item to share opinions with family and friends as well as the general public. We also get the opportunity to share with retailers how their programs are being presented to consumers and help point out possible issues with their shelf presentation.”

5. “I use Field Agent to fund our nonessential purchases. It withdraws to a specific checking account that we use for eating out, movies etc. Field Agent allows for those little luxuries that improve family morale.”

6. “I get out more often and interact with my community while working for Field Agent. I actually see my friends more too. I wave to the neighbors on my way out and check to see if they need anything while I am out.”

7. “Field Agent has given me more interaction with the ‘outside world.’ I see these jobs as a way to interact with others and be a positive influence.”

8. “Field Agent has helped me to make more donations to my children’s school and the community. It has also brought me into new places that I wouldn’t have normally visited and now I frequent those places.”