Have You Ever Tried to Recreate the McDonald’s McRib?

In 1981, McDonald’s released the McRib. In 1985, they removed it from its menu. After years of an on-again-off-again relationship, the McRib made its way back to fans on a seasonal basis. There’s even a website devoted to helping you find the McRib– McRibLocator.com.

Recently, a chef decided he can no longer play the game of trying to find the McRib and he set out to recreate it.

Burger King Hid a Big Mac Behind Every Whopper in Every Ad and Video in 2019

Talk about a whopper of an idea– Burger King, in an attempt to truly prove that its Whopper is bigger than McDonald’s Big Mac, really went for it with its 2019 ad campaign.

BK recently revealed that a Big Mac was hidden behind a Whopper in every Whopper ad in 2019. Even videos.

What a zing.

And what a point to prove. Will it make a difference?