10 Slow Cooker Tips From Chef Carla Hall

When it comes to cooking a warm, delicious meal in the dead of winter, nothing makes that easier than a slow cooker. And while it’s usually pretty hard to mess up a slow cooker meal, there are ways. Chef Carla Hall has some pretty great tips to help you out though.

10 Slow Cooker Tips From Chef Carla Hall:

  1. Sear your meat first.
  2. Use less liquid than a regular cooking method, unless it is pasta, rice or beans.
  3. Use less salt.
  4. It’s okay to use cheaper, tougher pieces of meat.
  5. Add soft vegetables at the end of cooking.
  6. Add dairy at the end.
  7. Braising recipes are perfect for a slow cooker.
  8. Certain kinds of seafood should be added at the very end.
  9. Fresh vegetables are great for the slow cooker.
  10. Frozen or canned vegetables should be added at the end.