What Are You Most Proud of When It Comes to Your Home State?

What do you love most about your hometown or state? For me, it all traces back to sports or sports figures. Throw in a little nature and the home of Walmart and boom– pride. Conde Nast Traveler recently asked 50 people to share what they are most proud of when it comes to their home state and some of the answers might surprise you!

5 Culinary Adventures in North America Worth Exploring

Airbnb isn’t just a booking site for your Thanksgiving getaway, it’s also in the business of hosting adventures to fit any lifestyle. Up first for us? Culinary. There’s nothing better than an entire excursion planned around eating.

5 Culinary Adventures in North America Worth Exploring:

1. Two-Day Yoga + Craft Beer Retreat
Tijuana, Mexico
Don’t worry, it’s more beer than yoga.

2. Northern Lights Adventure
Fairbanks, Alaska
Talk about a bucket list trip!

3. Foraging Mushrooms on the Oregon Coast
Myrtle Point, Oregon
While staying at the Myrtle Glen Farm you’ll learn everything you need to know about cultivating and cooking wild mushrooms.

4. Surf and Turf Street Taco Tour
Baja, Mexico
Coastal tacos and street tacos in one tour? Yes, please.

5. Indigenous Mexican Coffee Exploration
Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
Three days of exploring the coffee harvesting tradition of the Nahuatl (Aztec) community.