These Slippers Will Keep You Warm and Clean Your Floors

New year, new cleaning methods, right? Right. Why not clean in comfort with some slippers that will dust and clean your floors. The slippers are machine washable and come with chenille soles perfect for hardwood, linoleum and tile floors.

According to the product description, “A Velcro fastener attaches the cleaning cloth to the slipper, and it can be easily removed from the slipper to shake dust and dirt off before more cleaning. They are the comfiest of dust cleaning tools! One size fits most. For use only on dry floors. To clean, machine wash, put in the dryer for only a few minutes and then air dry flat.”

The best part? They’re only $13 on

3 thoughts on “These Slippers Will Keep You Warm and Clean Your Floors”

  1. I need these for all of my kids. My hardwood floors would never be the same! I wonder if they have these for dogs?

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