This or That? Queso or Cheese Dip Edition!

While some people might not care about what this widely loved food is referred to as, others feel strongly about the correct name for this food. 

We want to know what you think about this great debate! Comment below your opinion and click the image below to check out this easy 25-minute recipe while you share this debate with your friends and family!

44 thoughts on “This or That? Queso or Cheese Dip Edition!”

    1. I love queso poor that on everything and make it yourself so you have more best in the #crockpot!!! That way you can control the #heat also #buffalochickendip

  1. I am a chef and to me, there are a few specific distinctions between “cheese sauce” and “queso”. 1) Color – cheese sauce is yellow, while queso is white (this being due to the type of cheese used to make each product) 2) Peppers – Cheese sauce is often only cheese, while queso tends to have red and green peppers (typically habanero and jalapeno) 3) National Origin – Cheese sauce is very much an American food, while queso is considered a Mexican dish (the spanish word for cheese is…..queso)

  2. I personally like Queso. Cheese sauce us too plain tasting. I like a little heat and Queso is perfect with chips and I use it in my homemade Quesodia.

  3. By technical definition, it is a cheese dip that is named “queso”. It is named after the Spanish word for “cheese”.

  4. Hard decision, I enjoy both. If I have time Queso would be my choice, but in a hurry cheese dip is easier.

  5. Everything is better with queso/cheese. (Except plain bacon, just bacon)not double bacon cheeseburger etc.,just bacon. Two perfect flavors. Gotta go getting hungry.

  6. That’s yummy queso but if someone were to call it cheese dip or cheese sauce, I’d know what they meant.

  7. Literally queso means cheese… NOT cheese sauce/cheese dip. However you like it however you make it it’s still a sauce or dip not just plain queso

  8. Either or it’s going in my mouth! No matter what we call it. I think you are crazy if you don’t have it on the Table next to the salsa

  9. What i hear everyone call “Queso” is still just cheese dip with extra ingredients. Queso is simply the spanish word for cheese. In my house if anyone asks for queso they’ll get a block of cheese. Feliz Año Nuevo!

  10. It really doesn’t matter to me. I love cheese anyway you slice it! 🤣. Queso sounds more fancy and makes me think of a nice thick white cheese dip, cheese dip makes me think of something in a can, or cheap nacho cheese or cheese sauce/ soup! I’d like to experiment with different types and amounts of cheeses and spices, peppers, etc… Yummy, I want some queso now! As a matter of fact, I retract my former statement, it does matter to me! LET’S MAKE SOME QUESO and have a treat to eat!

  11. Queso….the sauce shown is white and has peppers. A cheese sauce is yellow and has nothing in it. I absolutely love queso.

  12. I call it queso cheese dip/sauce? I never knew it was either one or the other?? So for me it’s both….

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