Walmart and Tasty Have Teamed Up To Give Readers The Ultimate Recipe Shopping List

Over the last few years, you’ve likely scrolled past or stopped on dozens of recipe videos while perusing social media. It’s even more likely you’ve thought to yourself– I could make that, but never got around to it, right? Sometimes, the video doesn’t list out the ingredient list or maybe you never saw specific measurements for something. Well, thanks to Walmart and Tasty, those days are over.  The world’s largest retailer and the mega-recipe gurus have teamed up to bring you shoppable recipes.

What does that mean? Shoppers (or video watchers) can add an entire ingredient list from a Tasty video to their Walmart Online Grocery Pickup order from more than 2,500 stores nationwide. Ingredients from more than 4,000 recipes are available.

Tasty app users will be directed to the Walmart Grocery app or, where users can see what is in their cart, decide what to purchase and then schedule an order for pickup (or delivery in certain cities).

If you didn’t know, this is just the next step in Walmart’s partnership with Buzzfeed’s Tasty. In 2018 the pair introduced a line of Tasty kitchenware.

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