Walmart Changes In-store Look and Feel to Highlight Fresh Food Quality

If you’ve been in a Walmart lately, you’ve probably noticed things are looking a little different. Brighter, maybe? That’s because the store has made a commitment to giving customers the best fresh produce possible and now, Walmart wants to make sure you’ve noticed.

In a recent press release, Charles Redfield, EVP, Walmart U.S. Food, shared some of the features the store has added to highlight the freshness of their products, “we redesigned the department with more light, better signing and specially angled fixtures to make shopping easier. We expanded our Fresh Guarantee and our department managers’ responsibilities to include all of service deli, bakery, meat and produce.”

Redfield went on to share the specific changes they are rolling out in stores, including an open market feel with new bins; wider aisles to make more room for actual shopping; an organic shop; and new signage throughout.

Redfield ended by adding, “The changes we’re making to our produce department will be great for our customers and associates, and we’re excited to bring them to stores all around the country.”

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