Ways to Get Ready for Black Friday Shopping Straight From Field Agents

When it comes to Black Friday shopping, we don’t trust anyone to give us advice like we trust our Agents. That’s why we asked them to help us get prepped. We asked Agents how they prepare and if they take any drastic measures to get their shopping done. Basically, it all comes down to a few key pieces of advice– dress comfortably, and get some rest beforehand.

Dress comfortably.

“I wear sneakers and sweat pants to be comfortable.”

“I dress to stay warm but not hot so I don’t have to remove any layers of clothing.”

“I dress comfortably in either Christmas clothes or team colors. We go early as a group of seven.”

“Comfortable clothes, no purse, cellphone.”

Make a plan.

“To prepare for Black Friday, I start monitoring online ads the week before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, I purchase the local paper that is packed full of ads! While dinner is in the oven, I review all of the ads and mark items I may want. Then I develop a plan of attack based on when stores are open and what I think the hottest deals are.”

“Look at ALL flyers to compare prices, items, values and to see where I will start at. I dress in layers so if I get hot I can peel off a layer at a time. I arrive at stores according to the sale times or by the importance of a product. If there are multiple deals at more then one location, then I get a team together with a list (they follow exactly), each person/team goes to each location and we make things happen so we can have a great holiday.”

“I look at all the ads online before deciding which stores to hit, then, depending on when each store opens, I make a game plan to hit the stores in order. I usually wear my jammies.”

“Look at all ads and plan the order of stores to go.”

“I make sure to wear warm clothes as it is cold walking into the stores. I like to go in the late morning when the doorbusters are still available but crowds have died down.”

“I look at Black Friday ads and make a list of the stores to shop with. I do most of my shopping online, otherwise, I go early in comfortable clothes.”

Look for a few specific things, whether big or small!

“I wear comfy clothes and try to be there when the store opens its doors. I normally go for big-ticket items so usually only one or two things.”

“Scan the web to find where the best deals are going to be for what I am looking for.”

“Have my list already made out. Dress warmly and bring coffee! don’t stress out about the crowds, because they will always be there. If I don’t get a deal, just move on to the next item. No worries”

Rest up.

“Get as much rest as possible after dinner on Thanksgiving. Start heading out around 10:30 at night for places that open at 12 a.m., or 3 a.m. for places open at 5 a.m.”

“Get some sleep and know what I want and where to get it quick and easy.”

“I try to go to bed really early or at least get a nap. I don’t try to make the first door openings, but soon after.”

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