We Turned 12!

Twelve years ago, on April 17th, Field Agent was born! Each year, we try to do something fun to celebrate with our Agents. After all, we wouldn’t be  Field Agent without our Agents!

This year, to celebrate our 12th birthday, we ran 5 different birthday jobs where we had fun with Agents all over the country and got to know them a little bit better. One of the things we asked Agents this year was their favorite part about the Field Agent App (besides making money, of course)! Here’s what some of our Agents had to say:

  • “I like that there are so many new products and activities to do. There is no such thing as a boring task”
  • “This whole entire app is my favorite I love everything about it”
  • “I love the randomness of the ask…go take a picture of this house, go get a chicken sandwich and tell us what you think, take a picture of the refrigerated dog food at this grocery…it’s mini-adventures!”
  • “It’s FUN to be an Agent and have these sort of secret missions to accomplish. It makes the routine shopping trips much more interesting. Plus, all the new products I’ve had the chance to try-and got PAID to try?! Awesome sauce.”
  • “How easy it is to find nearby assignments no matter where I am at any given time!”

What is your favorite part about the Field Agent App? Let us know in the comments below! 

6 thoughts on “We Turned 12!”

  1. Unlike similar apps with gig work, Field Agent always adds the comment to have fun. We all know the rules and what it takes to get paid. By saying to have fun instead of being overbearing with guidelines, Field Agent stands out above all the rest by taking a lighter approach. The way the jobs are presented makes me want to do the best that I can for Field Agent.

  2. I’m a new agent and I love this job and it’s actually not a job it’s my favorite hobby now! I can’t believe how blessed I am to have an opportunity like this. What a lifesaver when you have kids and so many expenses coming up in the holiday season. Good luck fellow agents!

  3. I’m actually not sure how I heard about field agent, but it was like 2 – 3 years ago. I downloaded the app, didn’t really pay attention to it, and got busy with life and it sat in my phone for over a year. Few months ago I did a search for money making apps and came across field agent. I remembered it so I downloaded it and gave it a try. I could kick myself for not giving it a try back when I first downloaded it. I really enjoy it. It is definitely my favorite app. Customer service is awesome. I had an issue with claiming jobs. The app was stuck reserving the job. I contacted customer service and they immediately got back with me.
    I’m a disabled veteran that had to leave trauma nursing after 15 years. This app keeps me busy

  4. My favorite things about the app are the versatility of tasks to choose from, times and tasks available for early risers and night owls (if stores are open) and I always find a new snack to try when out doing tasks. I have found some pretty good snacks due to FA 🙂

  5. I love everything I know so far about this app. I do a lot of traveling with my regular merchandising job and go to a variety of stores. FA 90% of the time has at least 1 task in every store. And I always find tasks along my route from store to store. FA not only breaks up the boredom while driving but pays for the fuel. I recommend it to people everyday. Just wish I could figure out how to get on a scavenger hunt.

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