What Are You Most Proud of When It Comes to Your Home State?

What do you love most about your hometown or state? For me, it all traces back to sports or sports figures. Throw in a little nature and the home of Walmart and boom– pride. Conde Nast Traveler recently asked 50 people to share what they are most proud of when it comes to their home state and some of the answers might surprise you!

9 thoughts on “What Are You Most Proud of When It Comes to Your Home State?”

  1. GEORGIA (raised)
    .. ….is always on everyone’s mind. 😉

    FLORIDA (resident)
    No State Tax
    We have bears!

  2. I am most proud of the hospitality and friendliness of the majority of the people. Down in the south we still say yes ma’am and no ma’am, yes sir and no sir and we still show respect to our elderly.

  3. The state of Texas. Where Sam Houston and others fought at the Alamo, the Port of Houston, out Houston Texans and Rockets. The Agricultural Texas A&M plus the pride of the Lone Star State.

  4. I live in the state of Ohio, in the city of Hamilton. My home state is very small and there’s not a whole lot to be proud of. One thing I am proud of though is we are known as city of sculptors and we have the fire fighter memorial. And alot of police recognition. I’m proud my city does step up to help bigger states out.

  5. I love liven in Washington state ..from the vast mountain roads that are nice relaxing drives.then there are adventures of picking mushrooms(when I’m season of course) summertime river floats are a must!!

  6. I love how the Alabama girl was the ONLY one from the South with a southern drawl. Oh, and War Eagle! 😁

    (I was born and raised in Jackson County, Alabama.)

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