What Do You Spend Your Earnings On?

Keeping on the trend of our birthday jobs– we also asked Agents what their favorite thing they have ever spent their Field Agent earnings on. A lot of Agents answered with coffee, paying bills, groceries or simply saving. We also noticed a trend that a lot of Agents went on cruises or bought plane tickets for vacation with their Field Agent earnings! Sounds nice, right?

But, there were some responses that we have never heard before! Have we peaked your interest yet? We thought so! Here are some of the fun things that Agents have spent their Field Agent earnings on: 

      • Robot vacuum 
      • A puppy 
      • New bikes for kids for Christmas 
      • Date night to a local steak house
      • $500 comic book 
      • Family vacation on a cruise
      • iPad
      • Daughter’s prom dress
      • A zip line tour
      • Cryptocurrency 

Because Field Agent lets you cash out directly to your bank account, the possibilities of what you can spend your earnings on is truly endless. What do you like to spend your Field Agent earnings on? Let us know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “What Do You Spend Your Earnings On?”

  1. I get a Top $$ Pedicure! Plus TIP! I hate my feet to be dry and unkempt. I HAVE to get one at least every other month! Field Agent ensures that I get them that often without it affecting bills, savings, ETC. MY FEET AND BF THANK YOU!!! LOL

    1. May I ask what other app’s you use? I’m a part time mystery Shopper and have been with the same companies for 15+ years. I’m wanting some new ones to go full time.


    2. I enjoy playing Roblox with my kids during Christmas break. So, we use the money to buy robux to purchase in game Roblox cash in the game to purchase in game items for servers.

  2. A Princess Carnival Boat Cruise around the world for 1 year and 3 months for $376,000.00. All the 7 Seas, and the 7 Continents. That’s a good idea to me, A Miracle Even.

  3. I am a caregiver for my mother who has dementia. When I have someone to sit with her, I like to do jobs within the field agent app to supplement my mother’s social security income.

  4. Well I tend to spend mine on gambling hoping I can even double it cause I need the money bad. So doing it with this money is ok sometimes I win but really I lose.

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