What is the Best Brand of Sriracha?

Sriracha? Yes, Sriracha. Did you know it’s really only been around since the 1980s and it got it’s big start in California when a by Chinese immigrant from Vietnam named David Tran the brand you’re probably most familiar with. But, is that brand the best? Let’s find out.

34 thoughts on “What is the Best Brand of Sriracha?”

  1. Tabasco hot sauce has to be the best hotsauce out there. It goes well with any given meal.

  2. Wow I love the material we are learning. Truly retail, marketing and data analysis whether we admit it or not is fully integrated into the framework of society. Im honestly have been experiencing a change in my taste preference lately and cant do spicy like I once could, hard to admit cuz I’m from Louisiana,baton rouge, but I ain’t gonna lie, spicy stuff hurts sometimes lol. If I were to have spicy tho I would use the original recipe of siracha, if something ain’t broke then you ain’t gotta do anything. Just let me be complete as it is. That’s my philosophy anyways.

  3. My husband loves saracha. The one with the rooster on it. He will eat other brands if he cant find his favorite. He says things dont taste the same

  4. Tabasco is a really good hot sauce and it is spicy . If you like a good hot sauce try it you won’t be disappointed

  5. I’m actually willing to try these out myself now. Looked and sounded like something I’d like to use as a nugget dipping sauce.

  6. My household enjoys the Huy Fong Sriracha Brand and it is always a staple here at home but I will certainly be giving Kikkoman Sriracha hot chili sauce a try. Thank you for the information

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