What’s the Best Peanut Butter?

Did you know that peanut butter can be found in 89-percent of most American households? Basically, unless you have a serious peanut allergy in your family, you probably have peanut butter in your pantry. But, what is the best peanut butter you can buy at your local grocer? Let’s find out.

19 thoughts on “What’s the Best Peanut Butter?”

  1. Oh man! I was hoping to see Santa Cruz Organic on there. I used to be a Jif person until I found Santa Cruz and, man oh man, it has changed my views on peanut butter.

  2. A lot of the processed foods these days have palm oil in them. Read your labels 🏷. The manufacturers of palm and palm kernel oil have been burning 1000’s of acres of rain forests in order to make acreage to plant the palms needed to produce the supply for the demand. This not only destroys natural ecosystems. It displaces/destroys the habitat for orangutans and 100s of other animals. Not to mention that it directly relates to global warming and other environmental problems. All this for a longer shelf life and creamier texture in processed foods. Seriously? Buy natural, more often. Save yourself and the planet you live on. Unless you’re planning on relocating to Mars with Mr Musk.

  3. The phrase “89% of most American households”doesn’t quite make sense.
    It would be more sensible to either say “89% of American households” or simply “most American households”. Just a nerdy observation.

  4. From my experience the best peanut butter is the black cat it has never disappointed me it is always smooth and easy to apply no matter the temperature it was put in I just love it.

  5. I’ve always paid a little more for the best flavor with JIF peanut butter. I spare no budget shortcuts or whatever excuse you want to use when it comes to my peanut butter.

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