Which Fast Food Burger is the Superior Burger?

As the Twitter debate rages on between Popeye’s and Chick-Fil-A, re: the chicken sandwich, we decided to ask our Field Agents which fast food joint is slingin’ out the best burger these days.

While the results of our Instagram poll aren’t exactly scientific, they are interesting. For me, when considering a burger, I think about the bun, the taste, and the value. I also consider how much lettuce and onions will end up in my lap by the time I’m done eating the burger.

McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s
Honestly, I was surprised that Wendy’s took this vote home so easily. Though, the buns usually do seem fresher. And apparently those square patties are still working out well for the ol’ Wendy gal.


Sonic vs. Whataburger
A classic regional battle with classic results– Whataburger barely squeaked by. But, if we’re voting on commercials, Sonic definitely wins.


Five Guys vs. In-N-Out Burger
People love In-N-Out, but not more than Five Guys. When you think about it, Five Guys does seem to offer the most homemade-like offering of all the options.

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