Would You Try a Smoked Watermelon, Made to Taste Like a Smoked Ham?

Like most people, as I’ve aged, I’ve gotten a tad bit more adventurous when it comes to food and trying new things. But, also like a lot of people, I have my limits. I haven’t totally bought into the plant-based protein craze, though I’ve tried a few items here and there. The most recent craze taking over YouTube is a real doozie– smoked watermelon made to taste like smoked ham. Yes, you read that correctly– smoked watermelon.

The most popular of the smoked watermelon YouTube videos focuses on the Duck’s Eatery restaurant smoked watermelon. The eatery is known for its smoked meats, so they just took the recipe for smoked ham and applied it to a watermelon.

The second most popular smoked watermelon video actually has multiple people taste-test the culinary adventure and well, it wasn’t an overwhelming favorite.

Would you try it?

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